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Product Description

A conservatory should be for all seasons!

 Conservatory Glass

Is Your Conservatory glass making you …….. too Warm in Summer  ? Too Cold and Costly to heat in Winter ?   Sligo Glass Can Retro-Fit Solar Control Glass into your Conservatory without changing Your Frame   Our conservatory glass is :
  • Thermally Efficient - Low -E Glass Retains heat inside Conservatory in Winter
  • Clima Guard Solar Reflective Glass prevents Over heating in Summer
  • Easy Clean Protective Coating option available  for Glass Roof
  • Fitted in a couple of hours by Our experienced Glazing Team

Energy Efficient Conservatory Glass

Replacing the heat lost through your conservatory glass can be expensive so don’t throw your money out of the window! Install low emissivity (low-e) energy-efficient windows to help to reduce your heating bills by up to 20% each year. You can also take satisfaction in the fact that it is not only money you are saving. Using a product from our energy-efficient glass range in your windows will reduce your home’s CO2 output, making your carbon footprint smaller and your home more environmentally friendly. We offer a range of low-e energy-efficient glazing to suit every type of property, from a modern home to an older traditional styled home.  
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