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Transform Your New or Existing Staircase into a Contemporary Glass Stairs

Most Contemporary Homes now use Glass stairs as a feature to let as much natural light as possible through the building.

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Glass Balustrade Kinlough

A Glass Stairs makes a Home feel bright & spacious.

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Glass staircase

Glass Balustrades are very Low Maintenance – No need to paint or varnish as with a timber staircase -Just wipe the Glass Clean!

We use Toughened Glass which is Robust & Safe to use for stairs & Landings. We only supply & fit the highest quality toughened glass which unlike other manufacturers has a true reflection with no distortion or waves in the glass. Glass edge has a Smooth Polished finish and corners are rounded for safety

glass stairs, glass with no posts, frameless glass, home improvement, modern design, toughened glass

Lisadell-Glass staircase

Many Glass types available including Clear/Satin or tinted glass with blue/grey/bronze hues available We at Sligo Glass have many years experience fitting all types of glass balustrades for stairs & landings . Our expert fitters provide a Glass Stairs measuring & Design service. Our Installation team will Install your glass stairs with a mimimum of fuss. There are many types of configurations and we will advise on which best suits your stairs.

To talk to one of our friendly staff, call us on +353 71 91 61 924  Or email:

Popular Frameless Balustrade Systems 1. Taper-loc & Crystaline Systems Glass Stairs Fitted at the base in dry glaze Channel 2. Point Fixings /Bolts Glass Stairs Fitted with discreet stainless steel fixings.

For An Existing timber stairs, we can supply Glass Infill Panels with clamps to convert your existing stairs into a glass stairs

glass stairs, balustrades, balusters, home improvement, traditional, wood handrail

Glass balustrade

Glass Balustrade Fitted with Clamps above & below . In this case the Glass is used as an Infill Panel only, therefore glass is not load bearing and 8mm -12mm Toughened glass can be used . Glass Can also be fitted without clamps if a carpenter makes a recess for the glass to fit into.

Glass balustrade with wooden posts, traditional design, modern finish, toughened glass, indoors, hallway,

Glass balustrade with wooden posts

We work with a number of Carpenters, Joiners & Stainless steel fabricators in sligo with their help we can meet all your requirements.We can even remove your existing spindles and replace with Glass Inserts for a Modern look.

Like This? Why not check out our toughened Floor Glass?

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Glass floor

New house? This is perfect for you, and so are the selection below! - Stairs - Outdoor Balustrades - Showers Screens - Floor Glass - Kitchen Splashbacks - Windows & Doors  
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