‘Double Glazing Upgrade’- improve thermal insulation of your home

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According to SEAI 'the most common place for heat to escape from your home is through the windows'.

Low E glass windows are capable of achieving an A rating on the WER (The Window Energy Rating) scale where A is awarded to the most energy efficient windows! The WER take into account all of the components : U-Value, the solar heat gain and the air leakage rate of window.

To make sure that your windows will achieve an A rating you need to minimise heat loss from the room and maximise the use of solar energy.


Low Energy glass- double glazing upgrade

By upgrading your windows to Energy saving Glass you will be able to prevent heat loss from your windows as well as allow any heat from sun to pass through the glass (known as passive solar heat gain).

You are no longer throwing money out the window!


All Energy Saving Glass Units are made of low thermal conductors such as Low E glass, warm edge spacer bars and an argon gas-filled cavity making them up to three times more efficient than standard double glazing units!

E-glass (low emissivity glass) - specially designed to improve thermal insulation thanks to the transparent metallic oxide coating effectively reflecting the room’s radiated heat back in.

Spacer bar- inner frame typically made of aluminium acting as a thermal bridge which might result in cold spots and energy loss. To overcome this problem it is advised to use a Warm Edge Spacer Bar (energy efficiency will be improved by 10 %).

Cavity- hermetically sealed between two panes of glass (double glazing unit) space, filled with dehydrated air or an inter gas under the vacuum conditions. To maximise the energy efficiency of the unit it is advised that the cavity is filled with an inter gas.

To find out more about Low E-glass double glazing go to : https://sligoglass.com/product/double-glazing-upgrades/

Broken stove glass? Paper template in 5 steps

glass template, broken stove glass

Paper template for broken stove glass

Broken Stove Glass

Stove glass can break for a number of reasons. The most common is tightening the screws too tight on your glass. As fire gets hotter it expands the door but the glass doesn't and therefore it cracks.

Instead of driving all the way with the stove's door, you can simply make a template and either bring it in yourself for 'Drive Through' service or post it to us and we will send it to you the next day! To make your template just follow our 5 steps guide for reference below:
  1. Get sheet of paper or a cardboard big enough to cover the glass
  2. Press it against the glass frame
  3. Trace the shape with your thumb to get the guide lines
  4. Place it on the table and draw the outlines, trim the excess
  5. Check if it fits, make sure there is 2mm gap between the frame and your template
*Make sure you make two copies, one to keep for your own reference-it might be useful in future!!!

Energy glass, What & Why?

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Image of Energy glass upgrade (top floor retaining the heat inside the house)

'What is an Energy glass?'

Energy glass is a type of energy efficient glass used in windows to prevent or reduce the heat loss from your house. Low E-glass (Low-emissivity glass), where emissivity stands for very low emission rate due to its invisible metal coating. Recent improvements in Double Glazing Technology mean that there is no need to change your entire window frame at all ...just changing the glass will be of huge benefit.

'5 benefits of Energy glass'

  • Reduced heat transfer- heat is kept inside the house in winter and outside during summer.

  • No fogging or clouding- no air condensation between glass panels

  • Increased protection against harmful rays- reduced amount of UV rays passing through the window preventing damage in the house like furniture discoloration, changes on the wall paint, etc.

  • Maximized visibility- despite its multiple protective coatings, retains its ability to let in a great deal of natural light

  • Long term savings- saving money on energy bills!!! B changing your Glass, heat retention can be increased by 60%. Overall cutting your heating bills by up to €400 per annum.

So, the question remains 'Why should you upgrade to Energy glass?'

According to SEAI the most common place for heat to escape from your home is through the windows. With that in mind, if you want to keep all heat in; you need to make sure that your windows are in perfect condition.

Upgrading  glass in your current frames is not only fast, as it will take only few hours but also cost is up to 70% less than new frames!

If you would like to find out about the difference between regular double glazing and Energy glass double glazing follow the link: https://sligoglass.com/product/double-glazing-upgrades/

Kitchen Makeover- Why glass Splashback?

Our customers often ask us why they should choose a glass splashback over any other products available on the market.

Here at Sligo Glass we are giving you 5 main reasons to make your choice easier. 1# Glass splashbacks can give your kitchen stylish and attractive look. Also with a choice of clever lighting you can add a new dimension to your kitchen.
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LEDlights- glass splashback

2# Glass splashbacks are available in many different colours or even a photo can be printed on glass. Our large range of colours allow for the perfect matching with existing tiles or bench tops. There is also possibility of adding any cut-outs for sockets or pipelines if necessary.
print, glass splashback, sligo, glass, kitchen


3# Glass splashbacks are the perfect solution to brightening kitchens with poor natural light as they are excellent at reflecting the existing light due to their high shine finish.
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imag0754, glass splashback

After- wall matching splashback

4# Glass splashbacks are also more hygienic than wood or granite splashbacks. Other materials are not considered a long term solutions as they might crack resulting in the perfect home for bacteria growth and germs spreading. 5# W­­hen it comes to a glass splashbacks, mild soap and a cotton cloth are enough to clean and maintain your kitchen space in spotless condition! To find out more visit: https://sligoglass.com/product/kitchen-glass-splashbacks/

‘Glass balustrade over timber or metal one?’

frameless balustrade, glass balustrade, clear view

Glass Balustrade

If you are improving your living space and you were considering a frameless glass balustrade for your staircase, balcony or even landing, we at Sligo Glass have a few tips to help you make your mind up.

Firstly, by choosing glass balustrade you will achieve clear, uninterrupted view! It means that you can enjoy this beautiful landscapes you based your house purchase upon without sacrificing the health & safety of your loved ones. Secondly, you are not only giving your home a seamless appearance but you are also brightening up the entire space allowing the natural light in. This can be really beneficial when it comes to hallways or stairwells which are usually quiet dark and daunting. Last but not least another benefit is incredible strength. All balustrades are fitted with toughened glass which is five times stronger than regular glass!!! To find out more visit: https://sligoglass.com/product/glass-balustrade/ If you have any Questions concerning this or any other product feel free to email us at: sales@sligoglass.com

Low-e Glass; Save Money on Your heating Bills

Did you know that the most cost effective way of trapping heat in your home is by changing the Double Glazing in your windows to Low-e glass? Recent improvements in Double Glazing Technology mean that there is no need to change your entire window frame at all ...just changing the glass will be of huge benefit. We have installed Heat Retaining Double Glazing in a number of properties around sligo and the feedback has been fantastic .

Carmel Bless, Drumshanbo: “I can’t believe the difference the Low-e glass has made – we haven’t had to turn our heating on since!”

But still not many people are aware that nine times out of ten there is actually no necessity to change the window frames. By simply changing your Glass heat retention can be increased by 60%. This cuts your heating bills by up to €400 per annum. All your windows can be upgraded in less than a day and there is no messy building work involved. Our Double Glazed Units are the most thermally efficient Double Glazing panels available in Ireland . Our Double glazing achieves U-value of 1.0.
window repair, low-e glass

glass & window repair

Benefits of low-e glass

Thermally efficient - Argon Gas Filled with Low -e Glass on inside Panel. Warm Edge Spacer Technology - 1,000 times more thermal insulation than aluminium spacer bars- many different colours available Low Iron Glass - Allows more Light in True Reflection - Some Toughened  glass can appear distorted but not our double glazed panels The infographic below shows how low-e glass windows work. As you can see, the heat from the sun is allowed to pass through the double glazing into your house, whilst the internal radiators cannot. Instead, the heat from the radiators bounces back into the room, meaning that all the obtained heat stays trapped inside your home. You are no longer throwing money out of the window!
low-e glass Double Glazing

Low -e Double Glazing

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Sligo Glass Team

Or email: sales@sligoglass.com  See more at: https://sligoglass.com/product/double-glazing-upgrades/