fire glass
fire glass

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Fire Glass 

Fire glass is rated by its ability not to break under intense heat (integrity) and also by its ability to stop heat passing through it (Insulation). Sligo Glass can cut Fire rated glass to any size you require & can specify the type of fire glass you need . The fire rating is achieved by laminating glass with an interlayer that turns to foam during a fire.
fire glass, Public Buildings, Offices, Hospitals, Kitchens, Schools, Nursing homes & Hotels.

fire glass

Fire rated glass is specified in many modern buildings, mostly as Vision Panels in Fire Doors & in Partition Screens. Fire rating is especially important in Public Buildings, Offices, Hospitals, Kitchens, Schools, Nursing homes & Hotels. Glass requirement is dependant on building regulations and building type. Please ask your Architect or Engineer for the Fire rating required . You can use Pilkington Specifire Tool to match glass to your requirements.
Standard Fire ratings are  30/0  This gives 30 mins integrity only 30/30 This gives 30 mins integrity & Insulation 60/0 This gives 60 mins integrity only 60/60 This gives 60 mins integrity & Insulation
Common Types of Fire Glass are ... PyroShield - Georgian Polished Plate - Wire Glass
fire glass, PyroShield - Georgian Polished Plate - Wire Glass

fire glass

Pyrodur plus Pyroguard 7.2 mm PyroStop External Grade Fire glass is also available.
We also supply intumescent seals & gaskets to fit glass in compliance with fire Regulations.
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If You Would like us to fit Fire Glass, our Installation team can Install the best solution for you. We are the no1 Glass Merchants/Glazing Contractor in The Northwest of Ireland.
We deliver Premium Quality Glass Solutions to enhance your Home or Business. From Triple glazed Windows & Doors to Frameless Glass for Stairs , Wetrooms & Decking areas One of Our Expert Glazing Specialists will be assigned to project manage your job from start to finish …Keeping You informed and making sure your specifications are met down to the smallest detail.
Whether You are Building a new home or renovating your Kitchen , stairs or bathroom If you would like to add a touch of glass ….contact sligo glass We also offer the quickest window repair /glass replacement service in Sligo
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