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Glass Floor- Walk-on Glass

Glass toughening & lamination technology has improved the strength and toughness of glazing products.
This has given rise to a whole host of new uses for glass. Walk-on glass floors are one such product & can significantly enhance your home . Toughened laminated Walk-On glass floor is inserted into a floor to allow light permeate the room below.
  • Low-Iron Glass to allow more light through
  • Anti-Slip Pattern Applied to Glass Surface -guarantee safety, even when wet.
  • Colour Interlayer option available
Allow Natural light to flow through your home with the clever use of Our glass floor panels.
A Walk-on Glass floor will allow natural Light to permeate your home negating the need for electrical lighting during daylight hours. We at sligo glass have fitted walk on glass flooring panels  in stairwells, passageways, walkways & deliver Glass throughout the island of Ireland.
Most popular configurations for Walk-on glass are:
  • 24 mm
  • 30 mm
  • 36 mm
(Other configurations are available)
For more info email:
or to talk to one of our friendly staff, call us on
+353 71 91 08 073 
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