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Energy Efficient Front Doors made by Vetrex boast exceptional parameters and heat insulation properties, achieving an impressively low U-value of 0.76. Installing this type of door ensures a cosier and draft-free home. Plus, it can lead to cost savings on your heating expenses and improve your home’s energy rating.

Please note. The price and visualizations are for indicative purposes only. Actual costs and terms may change once all details are discussed and finalized. Before any change in costs, the client will be notified. Call 071 9161924 to book your appointment.

All Models

01 brume min w 900


01 lavezzi min w 900 min h 2060


01 lien min w 900


01 monza min w 900


01 ornament min w 900


01 route min w 900


01 santiago min w 900


01 square min w 900


02 ligne min w 920


03 ame min w 930


03 cascade min w 930


04 vedette min w 950


05 egal min w 960


05 measure min w 960


06 lumiere min w 975


07 carre min w 1030


First of all, quality!

P4 anti-burglary glass

P4 Safety Glazing
Glazing with anti-burglary foil (P4) provides effective protection against burglary.

Tailor-made doors

custom sizes
Our doors are made to measure to perfectly match their size to a specific house.

Height up to 2400 mm

2.4m height
We offer the tallest doors on the market at no additional charge!

Original designs and colour selection

We have selected a collection of 15 models in unique colours and wood-like veneers to perfectly match the character of your home.

Safety as standard

Safety as standard
The doors meet the highest safety standards, they ensure peace of mind and will protect your home. On special request, they can be made even in the RC2 anti-burglary class.

Innovative sub-threshold systems

Innovative sub-threshold systems
To ensure optimal mechanical and thermal parameters, our doors are equipped with a special mono-block.

The highest parameters – Vetrex Premium Doors are the most Energy Efficient Front Doors in Ireland.

Wind load resistance coefficient

Wind load resistance
It determines the resistance to wind load, the so-called statics door resistance to wind. It is marked with symbols from A1 (lowest class) to C5 (highest class). Premium Vetrex doors provide C5 class resistance, which means that they protect against hurricane winds of up to 210 km/h.

Air permeability coefficient

Air permeability
Air permeability is a parameter related to the tightness of the door. It is expressed through classes 1 to 4. The higher the numerical value assumes the indicator, the less air will penetrate through the door. Vetrex Premium doors meet the highest, 4th class of tightness.

RC2 anti-burglary resistance

RC2 anti-burglary
The high RC2 anti-burglary class guarantees increased protection securing your home against burglary. As standard, all our models with glazing use anti-burglary P4 class glass. We also have the option to equip the doors to be compatible with the RC2 standard. Ask our sales team for more details.

Insulation U-value from 0,76 W/m2*K

Insulation U-value
The minimum insulation value for front doors in Ireland is typically measured by the U-value. This value represents the door’s thermal performance, specifically how well it insulates against heat loss. The lower the value, the more energy remains inside the room. Our Energy Efficient Front Doors offer a U-value as low as 0.76 (including frame) Best U-values on the market. These doors are designed to keep your home warm and secure.

Rw factor as much as 33 dB

Rw factor
The Rw factor is a measure of sound insulation provided by doors. It indicates how effectively a door can block sound transmission. The higher the Rw value, the better the acoustic insulation of the door. Premium Vetrex doors have acoustic insulation of up to Rw=33(-3;-4) dB, which means that they reduce external sounds by as much as 33 dB. In practice, this means that a conversation behind the door is as audible as a whisper.
dB range
Approximate sound level values in decibels for various sound sources.

Designed in every detail

Standard Equipment

Door Construction

  1. Hybrid sash with steel cladding powder-coated in Magnelis/Optigal technology for higher corrosion conformity
  2. Durable aluminium door frames with a thermal break in the same coating
  3. VORACOR™ foam
  4. Warn aluminium threshold
  5. Wind stopper

but also..

  • Four 3D Hinges
  • Handle-handle
  • Four anti-burglary protectors on the hinge side
  • Euro insert class A with thumb-turn & 5 keys
  • Automatic 3-point lock (no need to push-up handle every time you close the door)
  • Sub-threshold mono-block
  • Rain deflector

Glass construction

Gluing the glass

Glued Glazing
To maintain the high aesthetics of the door Vetrex uses proprietary glass embedding technology. Gluing the glass with anti-burglary foil (P4) provides the elements with anti-burglary protection. The glazing units used in the door leaves allow for the highest performance parameters, i.e. air permeability, energy-efficiency and water tightness.

Possible glazing

transparent glass

transparent glass

frosted glass

frosted glass

reflective glass

reflective glass

Venetian glass

Venetian glass

black glass

black glass

Warm edge glass spacer

Warm edge glass spacer
As standard, we use plastic inter-pane frames, which are highly energy-efficient, provide excellent insulation and limit the effect of water condensation on the door surface and glazing. The black color of the frames emphasizes the unique visual attractiveness of the combination of glass and door leaf.

Even more possibilities with sidelights

Sidelights and top-lights can also be combined with Vetrex doors. Below are some examples of how sidelights can be used and guidelines for minimum and maximum sizes. The glass used in top-lights can be chosen in a similar way to that used in glazed doors. It can be clear, frosted, reflective, Venetian or black to match the door perfectly.

The minimum and maximum sizes

sidelights min max

D* minimum width/height of the door depends from the particular model please refer to models page.

Other variants

sidelight variant1 variant 2 sidelight variant3 sidelight variant4 variant 5 variant 6

Colour Selection

White Aluminium Ral 9006T

White Aluminium Ral 9006T

Walnut Brown Ral 8011T

Walnut Brown Ral 8011T

Semi matt Black Ral 9005T

Semi matt Black Ral 9005T

Navy Blue Ral 5003T

Navy Blue Ral 5003T

Limite Rouge Ral 3020T

Limite Rouge Ral 3020T

Light Green Ral 6021T

Light Green Ral 6021T

Light Blue Ral 5023T

Light Blue Ral 5023T

Grey Aluminium Ral 9007T

Grey Aluminium Ral 9007T

Crimson Red Ral 3004T

Crimson Red Ral 3004T

Cream Ral 1015T

Cream Ral 1015T

Actual colours may differ slightly from those shown.

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