How to Clean Stove Glass

Would you like to Know the easiest way to Clean Stove glass?

We all know it takes ages to clean stove glass. The glass gets so dirty with all the Soot that you can no longer see through the “vision panel”.

Don’t Panic! Sligo Glass has the Solution to your cleaning woes.

Drum Roll Please…

The Atmosfire Dry Wipe Will have your Stove glass looking brand new after a mere 2-minute scrub.

Watch our short video below to see the wipe in action

With Atmosfire Dry Wipe it is so easy to clean the soot off your Stove glass you don’t need any chemicals or water. The Atmosfire wipe was developed by Schott to clean without Scratching the glass.

To clean stove glass, all you need is:

    • rubber gloves
    • SCHOTT ROBAX® Dry Wiper
    • Elbow Grease!

If you would like to buy SCHOTT ROBAX® Dry Wiper, please follow the link below: