Energy Saving Double Glazing

Go eco-friendly with your windows and save €€€s!

According to SEAI, the most likely cause of heat loss in your home is through inefficient double glazing? Upgrading your glass to the latest Energy Saving Double Glazing called E-Glass Plus™ or E-Glass Ultra™  will significantly reduce heat loss through your windows.

Upgrading to E-Glass will save you Hundreds of €€€€ per annum!

“Two fills of oil per year have been reduced to one with no changes to the central heating system.” Terry Young


Window Fitted with low-e glass Double glazing

Happy Couple Having just Installed heat retaining Double glazing In their Windows

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Why Change to Energy Saving Double Glazing

  • It costs a third of the price of changing your window frames
  • No redecoration is required & Glass is Fitted by one of our Expert Installers
  • Low-e glass Double Glazing is 60% more efficient than standard double glazing
  • It will significantly reduces your heating bills
  • The Double Glazing upgrade will actually pay for itself within four years 
Warm Edge Spacer Technology – It’s 1,000 times more thermal insulation than aluminium spacer bars and it comes in many different colours.
Ultra-high light transmission – this will allow more light to pass through than Standard Glazing 
True Reflection – Some Toughened glass can appear distorted but not our double glazed panels! Ideal for large Picture Windows.

The Latest in Double Glazing Technology

The infographic below shows how our energy glass Double Glazing works. You notice that solar warmth penetrates the glass and enters your residence, yet heat originating from internal radiators remains confined. Due to the low E coating, the heat from the radiators bounces back into the room. All the heat stays trapped inside your home. You are no longer throwing money out of the window!


Low -e glass Double Glazing

Low -e Double Glazing

E-Glass Plus™ or E-Glass Ultra™ can be fitted throughout your home in just one day, and it’s clear to see that the benefits will last you and your home for a very long time.

See the benefits for yourself!


We can provide testimonials from many of our happy customers, as they have been astonished by the benefits.

Just to let you know our glass is in about six months now, the difference is amazing. You replaced our double glazing with new units. Whilst the old units didn’t look too bad, the new ones make the house quieter, warmer & a lot more comfortable. Very satisfied. All-round, it’s been a pleasure to deal with Sligo Glass. – Paul Kelly in Boyle

“I can’t believe the difference the energy glass has made – we haven’t had to turn our heating on since!” – Carmel Bless, Drumshanbo

“New Low E double glazing on 33 windows. 3 big handsome guys, very fast and efficient and even cleaned the new windows! All done in 1 day. Thanks sligo glass.”  – Joan Smith – Corrigeeroe

e glass, double glazing

Thermal Image

The blue colour shows that no heat is being lost – this is because the windows upstairs have been upgraded to Low-E glass, unlike the downstairs windows which are still losing a significant amount of heat. The infographic below shows the difference between E-Glass & Standard double glazing.


As you can see, while standard double glazing allows for substantial heat to escape through the glass, Low-E coating bounces the heat back into the room, meaning that all the obtained heat stays trapped inside your home. Email us today to upgrade:

Low energy glass, low-e glass

Standard Double Glazing/Low-e glass/difference

If you are interested in upgrading your glass to E-Glass Plus™ or E-Glass Ultra™, or you want to hear more about our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d be more than happy to help! We offer a 5-year warranty on manufactured products.

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