Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens

Are you looking to transform your kitchen?  Splashbacks create a brightness that completely changes your kitchen’s appearance for the better. Kitchen Glass Splashbacks come in a range of colours or in an image of your choice!

We deliver Standard Size Splashbacks throughout Ireland

Splashbacks are either painted or have an Image Digitally Printed.

Suitable for behind hob.

There are hundreds of images to choose from

Please note, Unlike most splashbacks which are laminate or label sticker our PhotoSplash is a high-quality UV Print.


PhotoSplash Portrait Size 600 x 750


PhotoSplash Landscape Size 900 x 750

Painted Splashbacks 


Benefits of Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

  • Protect your walls from splashes
  • Heat-resistant tempered glass- won’t crack
  • More hygienic than tiles as there are no grout lines to pick up dirt

Colourful glass can be also used in countertops, shelves, doors and cupboards. Check out our glass countertops!
See our video for some more home improvement ideas:



Kitchen Splashbacks look great with spotlights – they really do brighten up your kitchen.

glass dark red splashback