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Stove glass in wood burning fireplace

Stove glass in wood burning fireplace


Schott Robax is a heat resistant stove glass that is suitable for all major stove manufacturers.

Delivery Nationwide –  Next Day Delivery 


“Got a replacement glass for my stove!  Went in with measurements and had a new one within minutes”

                                                      – Jen K Mee 

Schott Robax glass has a very low thermal expansion & withstands extremely high short-term temperatures of up to 660°C, as well as thermal shocks. This Makes the Robax Glass safe to use in Stoves & Fireplaces.

ROBAX®  Stove Glass enables a close-up view of the fire with no danger from flying sparks. Features such as temperature stability, transparency, heat transmission and long lifespan are what allows ROBAX®  to guarantee perfect protection from fire hazards.

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When fitting glass…

Please be careful when fitting the glass – do not overtighten screws and avoid direct contact between glass and metal We recommend using our heat-resistant fibre rope to seal the gap between glass ceramic and metal.

For cleaning the glass in your stove we recommend Schotts very own Cleaning wipe.

ROBAX® glass will not crack under heat. It’s the perfect glass for fireplaces & wood burning stoves.


ROBAX® Glass is Good for the environment. The use of our glass-ceramic windows doubles the efficiency of a glazed heating device when burning wood compared to open stoves. This means SCHOTT ROBAX® products can help reduce the amount of wood needed for heating. The saved wood remains in the forest, where it stores CO2 for many years and contributes towards climate protection.

Please Note:

Available In sizes up to 1,100 mm x 1,100 mm

minimum charge per order is €30