Atmosfire Dry Wiper

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Atmosfire Dry Wiper – No1  Stove Glass Cleaner

Having problems cleaning your stove glass?Is your Fireplace Viewing Panel thick with Soot?Look no further than Atmosfire Dry Wiper from Schott . Remove soot quickly & easily from even  the dirtiest of Stove glass without Scratching the Glass.

No Water is required which shortens the cleaning  time and another Advantage is that there is no need to use Chemicals  

Only Slight soiling of SCHOTT ROBAX® panels can removed using a conventional glass cleaning product but the  Atmosfire  Dry Wiper can remove Soot from the dirtiest of glass without Leaving a Scratch.

Check Out Video : How To Use  Dry Wiper To Clean Your Stove Glass

Note: On no account should scouring pads, abrasive cleansers or scouring agents be used, as they may cause damage to the glass surface. The SCHOTT-recommended atmosfire Dry Wiper is eminently suitable for use on fireplace Glass panels

Delivery available throughout UK & Ireland

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