Palladio Composite Doors

Explore our range of energy-efficient and secure Palladio Composite Doors which provide excellent value for your investment. With an impressive heat insulation U-value as low 0.98, you’ll not only reduce heating costs but also enhance your overall comfort.

Palladio Composite Doors - Paris

Palladio Composite Doors – Model Paris

A traditional look with a new twist

Experience vibrant, scratch-proof skins on Palladio composite doors instead of traditional painted finishes. These low-maintenance skins resist flaking and fading.

(Please note that the white frames have a sleek flush white PVC finish without any wood grain.)

Custom Made

Our craftsmen meticulously craft Palladio composite doors to your precise specifications, providing you with high-quality, non-tarnish door furniture and an extensive selection of glass designs. Additionally, you have the freedom to choose from a full range of colours for both the inside and outside of your door.


The Most Secure Composite Front Door In The UK & Irish Market

natural wood

Looks Like A Natural Wood Door But Low Maintenance, No Painting Required

energy efficiency

Triple Glazed. Double Rebated means Double Seal = No Draughts.

door design

31+ Stunning & Unique Designs with
13 Colours to choose from.

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Palladio Composite Door Collection

Palladio Composite Doors - Cairo


Palladio Composite Doors - Dublin


Palladio Composite Doors - Edinburgh


Palladio Composite Doors - Viking


Palladio Composite Doors - T&G Solid

T&G Solid

Palladio Composite Doors - T&G


Palladio Composite Doors - Sunbeam2


Palladio Composite Doors - Sunbeam1


Palladio Composite Doors - Seville


Palladio Composite Doors - Santiago


Palladio Composite Doors - San Marco Solid

San Marco Solid

Palladio Composite Doors - Rome


Palladio Composite Doors - Palermo


Palladio Composite Doors - Naples


Palladio Composite Doors - London


Palladio Composite Doors - San Marco

San Marco

Palladio Composite Doors - Paris


Palladio Composite Doors - Palermo Solid

Palermo Solid

Palladio Composite Doors - Giza


Palladio Composite Doors - Georgian solid

Georgian solid

Palladio Composite Doors - Georgian


Avant Garde Collection NEW!

Palladio Composite Doors - Barcelona


Palladio Composite Doors - Gauguin


Palladio Composite Doors - Madrid


Palladio Composite Doors - Matisse


Palladio Composite Doors - Milan


Our dedicated workforce employs advanced technology to manufacture the Palladio Composite Doors Collection.

Doors Benefits

Discover the advantages provided by both Palladio and The Avant Garde Collection.

palladio composite doors benefits

palladio doors benefits

New Avant Garde Collection

The Avant Garde Collection offers ultra-sleek, modern doors that add a stylish twist to your home while prioritizing safety and security. The key benefits of the Avant Garde doors include:

  1. Double Rebated Design: As a standard feature, these doors are double rebated, ensuring a snug fit.
  2. Triple Glazed Units: The doors come with triple glazed units, providing excellent insulation and energy efficiency.
  3. Renolit Foil Finish: The matching sidelights are coated with a durable Renolit foil finish.
  4. Ultra-Strong Composite Structure: The Avant Garde doors are constructed using Durohalts composite material, making them exceptionally strong.
  5. High Density PU Core: The revolutionary core material offers both strength and protection.

Within the Avant Garde Collection, you can select from a variety of styles and colours, including Barcelona, Milan, Madrid, The Matisse, and Gauguin. As your front door plays a significant role in your property’s curb appeal, we strive to deliver the finest options to meet your expectations. 

Unique monocoque structure

monocoque structureOur composite doors boast an exceptional design feature: a unique monocoque structure. Unlike foam-filled doors, our doors are reinforced with 65mm of fiberglass, ensuring unparalleled strength and resistance.

Experience the difference with our superior range of composite doors!

Looks like a real timber door

Looks like a real timber doorThe Palladio Door Collection originates from authentic timber doors. We employ a gel mould technique to capture the intricate grain pattern from a real oak door. This grain detail is then meticulously transferred onto the Palladio Door range.

Perfect Finish

What distinguishes our doors is the Renolit foil finish, which guarantees both impeccable aesthetics and remarkable durability. Unlike traditionally painted doors, ours retain their appearance over time, making them a lasting investment.

Double rebated as standard

Double rebated as standard

In addition to being double rebated as standard (unlike most doors that are only single rebated), the Palladio Door Collection features triple-glazed glass units made in-house. These units not only enhance thermal efficiency but also contribute to the door’s state-of-the-art design.

Moreover, this approach allows us to meticulously match the sidelight glass designs with the units in our doors. Customers also have the creative freedom to alter the glass design as needed. Welcome to a world of personalized elegance!

Available in 13 Individual Colours

Agate Grey

Agate Grey

Silver Grey

Silver Grey







Light Oak

Light Oak







Bog Oak

Bog Oak



Anthracite Grey




New Stainless Steel Door Furniture

5yeargarantee1 1

Introducing our exciting new range of Stainless Steel Furniture, complete with a 5-year Anti-Corrosion Guarantee.

  • Choose from four elegant finishes:
  • Smokey chrome
  • Bright chrome
  • Brushed steel
  • Gold

These finishes perfectly complement our stainless steel accessories, including door knockers and letterplates, ensuring a seamless and coordinated look.

The beauty of this stainless steel furniture lies in its exceptional qualities:

  1. Tarnish-Resistant: It won’t lose its lustre over time.
  2. High-Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted to the highest standards.
  3. Long-Lasting Finish: Designed for durability.
  4. Ideal for Coastal Areas: Resists corrosion effectively.

Our stainless steel range combines stylish design with enduring finishes, all backed by a 5-year surface finish guarantee.

While the new stainless steel options are available, we still offer our classic Black and White colours in the standard aluminium base painted finish.

For care tips, explore our latest stainless steel care guide to keep your door accessories looking fresh year after year.

hardware colourslever leverlever pad handledoor knobpull barsletterboxesknockersdoctor knockersspyviewround escutcheonfinger pull escutcheonnumerals

Threshold Options

full frame 77mmfull frame 57mm stormguard low threshold stormguard plus low threshold

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