Walk On Glass Floor

Brighten up your home with Walk on Glass Floor!

Walk On Glass

Walk on Glass Floor

Advancements in glass toughening and lamination technologies have dramatically strengthened and fortified glazing products.

As a result, these innovations have paved the way for novel applications of glass, such as walk-on glass floors. One example of this evolutionary trend is the walk-on glass floor, which can substantially increase the luminosity within your dwelling.

How is it works

Walk on Glass Floor on the landing

Walk on Glass Floor on the landing

The toughened laminated Walk on glass floor is inserted into the floor to allow natural light to permeate through your home.

Additionally, a glass floor can brighten up even the darkest of homes, providing a high visual impact that can transform your living space into a fantastic contemporary area.

Technical Characteristics of Walk On Glass Floor

  • Low-Iron Glass –  Ultra-high light transmission – will allow more light to pass through than Standard Glazing
  • Anti-Slip Pattern Applied to Glass Surface – this option will guarantee safety, even when wet
  • Colour Interlayer option available – you can customize glass colour
  • Painted border option also available

Save Energy

Walk on Glass Floor

Allow Natural light to flow through your home with the clever use of Our Walk on Glass floor panels.

During daylight hours, our Walk on Glass floor permits natural light to pervade your dwelling, obviating the requirement for electric lighting. Subsequently, this innovation conserves energy expenditure.

Where to use it

We at Sligo Glass supply Walk on Glass Floor panels for:

  • stairwells
  • passageways
  • walkways

Please note. A delivery charge may apply depending on the location.

The Most Popular configuration

The most popular configuration for a Walk-on glass Floor is 33mm in thickness and usually comes in two Standard Sizes:

  • 1000 x 1000mm 
  • 650 x 1500mm 

Optional Extra: Anti-Slip Pattern Applied to Glass Surface

Expert Advise

It’s essential that the glass floor panels are structurally sound & manufactured to meet the required loading specifications. Don’t worry, we can advise you on all the details. For more info email: sales@sligoglass.com or call us on +353 71 9161924 

You can, however, simply leave a voicemail at any time of day or night with your phone number and email address, and we will promptly respond to you. Rest assured, we will promptly respond to your message.

If you’re an architect, designer, builder, homeowner, self -builder or just someone that needs a professional service from a knowledgeable glass company… We’re here for you. From Structural Glass to Kitchen Splashbacks …

One Person to Talk to

To make sure we provide outstanding service, one of our Expert Specialists will be assigned to project manage your job from start to finish …Keeping You informed and making sure your specifications are met down to the smallest detail.

Quality Assurance MCS

Sligo Glass utilizes the WorkFlowmax management control system to track each job’s performance and delivery. By implementing this system, your project is ensured to proceed in a timely and efficient manner. WorkFlowmax closely monitors job productivity to guarantee the best possible pricing and on-time delivery.

Furthermore, key quality review points serve as checkpoints and sign-offs to ensure top-notch quality assurance. This system enhances job visibility, preventing anything from slipping through the cracks. Consequently, improved communication regarding job positions in the production/service process facilitates enhanced customer satisfaction. Measuring customer satisfaction helps us evaluate the quality of our delivery and promotes ongoing process improvements.

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